All Events Management Group, Inc. (All Events +) has trained and dedicated staff to focus on the distinct needs of our customers. We can cater to your needs and wants. With our experience, creativity and talent, we are able to meet or beat our competition when it comes to event management or entertainment productions.  We are there for you from the initial conception to the opening of the event doors.  The success of your event is our focus.

You can relax knowing that from the infancy of idea through execution, All Events + offers logistics planning, sponsorship solicitation, marketing, and communications know-how.  We specialize in committee coordination and have an on-site experienced management team– complete with comprehensive planning, management and execution allowing you sit back and enjoy the event!

Design and Development

  • Selection of Location:
    • Site negotiations and inspections
      • All Events + will assist you in finding the perfect venue for your type of event. We can assist you with resort locations, conference centers, fair grounds, intimate art galleries, or grand ornate ballrooms.
      • We assist with the local permits and requirements.
      • We locate, negotiate and secure locations that will fit within your budget.
  • Registration Services:
    • Setting up online ticketing, web management, badge ordering and printing, onsite registration.
    • Guest relations are a critical piece of any event or gathering. Your guests are not just people filling chairs.  They are individuals whose ideas, support and insight which are essential to your organization’s success.  Their needs and preferences are our priority.
    • We can assist with hospitality and accommodations. We book hundreds of rooms each year and have built solid industry relationships.  These associations will be most beneficial during negotiations and because they compensate us directly, there is no cost to you for these services.
  • Budgeting:
    • Our unique approach and professional team will enable your event to shine beginning with setting quantifiable goals to meticulously supervising finances.
    • We will work with you every step of the way – with ideas and budgets that you can work with. If you are interested in a specific approach, we will do our best to make it happen.
  • Staffing:
    • Our team integrates with your team as little or as much as you prefer from start to finish.
    • We provide meeting room management, guest services and front desk assistance including information, greeting and people management.
    • We assist in the selection, budgeting, ordering and monitoring of food and beverages if included.
  • Event Production:
    • From speakers to entertainment, we have an extensive list of contacts and experience working with a variety of vendors. We can assist you in generating the exposure you need.  We make the connections so you don’t have to!  We also facilitate the audio visual and internet as needed for the event, as well as any other requirements for stage/show production.
  • Sponsorship Assistance:
    • Assistance with sponsorship is one of our specialties. We help you find the right partners for your program, working hand in hand with the donors to ensure they are pleased with their investment and will contribute again.
  • Production Management:
    • Our quality and integrity speaks for itself as can be seen on the day of the event. The team will be onsite and ready for deployment to their assigned areas.
    • If it happens on stage or the podium, we have you covered. Our team has extensive experience in securing speakers, building program content, writing scripts and creating a program that educates and entertains.
    • Each team will have explicit procedural directions for their stations.
    • We will also provide a walk-through of the event plan with you and vendors if necessary to ensure placement is acceptable.
  • Post-Operations Review
    • All Events + will provide a post-event review with the customer. We meet to discuss final billing, evaluations and/or survey results.
    • We strive to have and maintain the respect of our customers and suppliers and other vendors that are involved in the event. We treat all with respect so we are able to maintain our connections.
    • It is our goal to retain our current customers as well as attract new customers. Your satisfaction at the end the event is important to us!

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